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Die Singles mit Schwester Judy als Duo John & Judy

Bother Me Baby/Who`s To Say ´58 Aladdin
Hideout/Love Bug `59 Dore
Tell Me/You Can`t Have My Love `60 Dore
Tell Me/Why This Feeling `60 Dore
Live It Up/Oh ! No No `61 Orbit
I Love You So/Love Slave `61 Eldo

Singles als Johnny Walker

What A Thrill/Beginning Of The End `64 Almo

Singles Als John Walker

Annabella/You Don`t Understand Me `67 Philips BF 1593 UK
Philips 326820BF SPA
Philips326820BF NL
Star-Club 148591STF D

If I Promise/I See Love In You `67 Philips BF1612 UK
Philips326832BF D
Philips 326832BF SPA
Philips 326832BF FR
Philips 326832BF BEL
Philips 326832BF NL
I`ll Be Your Baby Tonight/Open The Door Homer `68 Philips BF1655 UK
Philips326869BF NL
Philips 326869BF SPA
Philips 326869 D

Kentucky Woman/I Cried All The Way Home `68 Philips BF1676 UK
Philips326886BF NL
Philips 326886 SPA

Woman/ A Dream `69 Philips BF1724 UK
Philips 326930 BF NL
Philips326930BF SPA

Yesterday`s Sunshine/Little One `69 Philips BF1758 UK
Philips326954 BF NL
Philips 326954 BF SPA

Everywhere Under The Sun/Traces Of Tomorrow `69 Carnaby CNS4004 UK
Columbia 1c006-90757

True Grit/Sun Comes Up `70 Carnaby CNS 4009 UK
Huellas Del Manana/ Quienes Somos `70 SPA
Cottonfields/Jamie `70 Carnaby CNS 4012 UK
Columbia 1c006-90577 D
Exit 2577 B SPA

Over And Over Again/ Sun Comes Up `70 Carnaby CNS 4017 UK
Exit 2592 B SPA

Good Days/ Midnight Morning `73 Green Mountain

Dark Angel/ Remember Me `82 ???

John Walker LP´s / CD`s

If You Go Away `67 Philips SBL 7829 UK
Philips BL 7829 UK Monoversion
Als CD im Jahre 2004 wiederveröffentlicht PLUS 12 Bonustracks
This Is `69 Columbia EMI 1c062-90758 D
Carnaby CNLS 6001 UK
YOU 2000 Arena Artistes
The Silver Sixties Tour 2004 Arena Artists
Just For You 2007 Arena
Songs Of Christmas And Inspiration 2007 Arena
John Walker : A Collection : Volume 1 2009

Will You Come Now - Phallus Dei feat. John Walker 2009
Epilogue : Dusk - Phallus Dei feat. John Walker

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